The Kittrells are Joining Bright Star Realty and Auctions

By: Bright Star Realty & Auction Company  |   Loren Beachy  |   Published 11/26/2019 |   574-825-0704

Jacqueline and Zach have reached out to Bright Star Realty & Auctions as this progressive, fresh Auction Firm feels like home to them as they noticed Bright Star’s standards would have met “Dad’s” approval.
Zach and Jacqueline have watched Bright Star Realty and Auctions very closely for the past year and Bright Star has demonstrated an innovative and a positive approach in conducting auctions that the forest industry has been missing for many years. Good clean sales with positive attitudes along with happy buyers and sellers. That is what It is all about.

The Progressive Marketing with a fresh, positive look, allowing all bidders to participate through the internet as well as by telephone conference opens every opportunity for bidders to produce “Top Dollar” for the Seller. So Bright Star Continues to Set The Standard in the Forest Products Industry with integrity, excellence and going the extra mile…and Now! Not Decades but over a Century of combined Experience. Its a Win-Win for the Industry as a whole! We humbly Appreciate Bright Star considering us as team mates and look forward to a “Bright” future in the industry. -Jackie and Zach Kittrell

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