For over 40 years Rawlings has been generating the highest massive crushing impact rotor in the industry. All HZX Models come equipped with our Super Hi-Inertia Rotor and patented Rocwear Striker System. Rawlings horizontal grinders are available in a full range of sizes. All systems customized to fit the customers needs.
  • Heavy Duty Frame
  • Bearing Temperature Control
  • Auto Lubrication System
  • Patented Super High Inertia rotor for fast processing and exceptional surge capacity
  • Rugged HZX uses a solid rotor, large diameter shaft and over sized bearings
  • Specs
  • Z-197 bits have exceptional life and a second wear surface
  • Heavy duty grate assembly with thick replaceable liner
  • Built-in jack bolts for easy removal
  • Safety shear pins and anvil
  • Safety shear pins let anvil automatically open to avoid damage to the hog
  • Extremely heavy anvil structure and replaceable wear surfaces
  • Replaceable hardened bushings and bolt-in liners throughout
  • Locking safety strut automatically drops into place with upper case open
Parts Maintenance
Sometime in early 2006, we changed to the new round style Hi-inertia rotor with Rawlings RocWear system. The only parts we have to change out are the Z-197 striker bits and fasteners. We used to go about 2 to 3 months or so before having to rotate the bits and the same to changing them out. To date, we seem to be getting about 2 to 3 times the life with the new style bits. Compare this to other hogs we have had were maintained at least weekly and you will see there is no comparison at all.

Rawlings/RocWear Customer

Rawlings 24/7 Customer Service
First off, I wanted to thank you again for your help with our hog issues. Yourselves and Rawlings as a company have proven to be about as reliable and helpful as any company I have dealt with in my 12 years in this job, so thanks for that. The mill manager was more than happy with the fact that, even with a late Friday afternoon start typical!, you were able to have parts to us from all over the map by the following Thursday and he's not easy to please. Hopefully we do't go through that again, but I look forward to any dealings I do have with you in the future.


Rawlings Upgrade
When the decision was made to upgrade our hog, we considered several options but had heard that the Rawlings hog had superior result when compared to other hogs once considered. The decision was easy as soon as we evaluated our options. Since the upgrade, we have realized many returns that we had hoped for, specifically, to keep the hog running a full shift without a problematic shut down. That factor alone has increased our uptime. Prior to the upgrade, the barker needed to run on lower pressures to reduce chances of plugging the hog. To summarize, the return on investment that we expected has been greatly increased and I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone to invest in a Rawlings Hog system.

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