WAKEFIELD, Mass. (February 1, 2019)—Alliance Tire Group (ATG) has launched two new tires into the booming—and demanding—CTL market under its Alliance Forestar line.

The Alliance 643 Forestar III LS-2 and Alliance 644 Forestar III LS-2 feature steel-belted construction and special chunk-and-chip-resistant compound to meet the challenges facing tires on heavy CTL machinery, says Terry Goodwin, National Forestry Manager for Alliance Tire Americas. They are engineered to minimize soil compaction and surface disturbance, he notes, and to excel in the broad range of conditions CTL harvesters face year-round.

“We’ve designed these tires for great traction on their own, and to work well with tracks and chains for reliable, no-fuss performance in any environment,” Goodwin says. “They’ve also got reinforced sidewalls that can handle the dynamic force and side-to-side motion of a fully loaded forwarder hauling a deck of logs on uneven ground.”

• The Alliance 643 features wide shoulder lugs specially designed to accommodate tracks and chains. A specially engineered hexagonal bead ensures snug contact between the tire and rim, eliminating wheel slip.

• Like the 643, the Alliance 644 also features a reinforced hexagonal bead as well as four shoulder-to-shoulder steel belts that ensure complete protection of the tread area and maximum integrity of the tire casing. A hefty stabilizer bar beneath the tread on the 644 also improves traction and tire life, adds Goodwin.

"With the 643 and 644, we're building tires for the future," says Goodwin. "Loggers know they need to keep reducing their impact on the environment—especially in sensitive areas—and they've also got to keep increasing their productivity. Meanwhile, manufacturers are building heavier machines. We're helping our customers make sure they're ready for those changes."

Alliance has decades of experience in the forestry tire market around the world, building a great reputation for the durability, reliability and great return on investment of its Primex and Alliance branded forestry tires, Goodwin adds.

For more information on Alliance Tire’s line of forestry tires, contact your ATG distributor or representative, call (800) 777-9926 or visit www.atgtire.com.

Wood-Mizer introduces the compact and versatile HR150 and HR250 super horizontal band resaws designed to easily integrate into pallet and lumber operations without taking up valuable production space. The HR150 and HR250 join the Wood-Mizer range of single and multi-head band resaws that capitalize on thin-kerf blade technology to produce accurate lumber while reducing material, labor, energy, and maintenance costs.

The HR150 super horizontal resaw is primarily designed to resaw cants and boards into two pieces with each pass. It can also be used as a recovery saw for slabs, flitches, and jacket boards. The HR250 is a twin blade version of the HR150. By placing one blade directly over the other blade within one compact head, the HR250 can make one or two horizontal cuts to resaw cants and boards into two or three pieces with each pass. It also works well with resawing stressed material.

HR150 and HR250 Super Features
- 11 ½” (290mm) wide x 10” (250mm) high capacity
- 0 – 90 ft/min (0 – 27 m/min) variable feed
- Setworks with digital blade position controls
- Air-over-oil hydraulic blade tension
- Pneumatic hold-down top rollers
- Variable blade speed
- HR150 starts at $13,295 USD
- HR250 starts at $19,995 USD

“Wood-Mizer is committed to providing our customers with the equipment necessary to be competitive in the lumber and pallet industry,” said Greg Bacon Sales Director. “The HR150 and HR250 are compact and affordable resaws that satisfy the needs of mid-size pallet and lumber operations throughout the world.”

The HR150 and HR250 are powered by 25HP (18kW) saw wheel motors and 2HP (1.5kW) gearbox motors. Both machines feature a material capacity of 11 ½” x 10” (290mm x 250mm) for the ability to resaw a variety of cants, boards, and jacket boards. With heavy-duty construction, premium components, and large 28” (710mm) diameter steel band wheels, the HR150 and HR250 resaws are built to last.

Control panel setworks with digital blade position controls in both imperial and metric ensure accurate height positioning of the blade when setting cut thickness. Each blade has its own setworks panel and is controlled and run independently. Pneumatic hold down rollers and an idle top roller keep material secure as it moves through the machine. Blade speed is variable to accommodate various cutting requirements and the variable feed speed is controlled by an electric motor for efficiency. Blade tension is automatic and controlled by an air-over-oil hydraulic system in order to maintain proper tensioning for longer blade life. Starting at $17,995 USD, the HR250 is also available in an economic manual version with manual saw wheel elevation, manual blade tensioning, and a single blade speed.

The HR150 and HR250 horizontal band resaws are now available to order. For more information, visit www.woodmizer.com or contact your local Wood-Mizer representative.

CBI 6800CT Horizontal Grinder

12/19/2018 10:41:30 AM

The CBI Magnum Force 6800CT Horizontal Grinder has been engineered to surpass every horizontal grinder that came before it. Once land clearing and wood waste professionals switch to CBI grinders for their ultimate production, performance, and durability, they never look back. This is the best horizontal grinder on the market.

Improving on the 6800BT’s revolutionary design, the 6800CT has a 15 percent larger screening area, wrapping more than 190° around the rotor, allowing production rates to surge beyond 200 tons an hour. Supported by a larger shaft and bearings and an optional 1200hp CAT C32, the engine powers the forged drum rotor through the toughest materials. The design of CBI’s offset helix rotor minimizes energy loss from each strike and distributes material evenly across the 24 hammers, requiring less power while outproducing the competition.