Timberjack 460 Skidder$43,500

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Backwoods Lumber

1348 Elimsport Rd
Montgomery, PA 17752
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Timber Jack 460. Factory reconditioned engine with low hrs. Overall Excellent condition.Near new tires 12ply Firestone 28l-26.Almost all new hoses. New shifter,new batteries,new starter,recored radiator. Dozer blade 80 ft cable on winch. Chains Here are some service records 2015/16 4 Tires $9055.00 2016 Transmission and torque converter repairs and parts. $8610.94 Radiator recore. $1,810.00 Factory reconditioned cummins engine.$ $5500.00 plus labor Gone over by local dealer June of 2016.$16,086.06 New shuttle shifter joystick. $2,200 Call Sam Fisher Backwoods lumber 570-5472868




Location:Montgomery, PAMap It

Seller Information


Backwoods Lumber

1348 Elimsport Rd
Montgomery, PA 17752Map It



View Seller's Entire Inventory and Information