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Machinery Scene

PO Box 427
Toledo, WA 98591
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•Used Mezzanine- (2) mezzanines available •46 wide X 100ft long •4600 sqft. •14 feet floor height •Underneath clearance height is 12 feet or slightly higher •Support columns are made out of square tubing, floor supports are Bar Joist, and I Beam header supports •Mezzanine includes hand railing for all four sides, two stair cases,and most of the bolts and nuts were saved and during dismantling •wood floor deck was screwed down to metal sheet pan for easy reassembled •Support columns, floor Bar joist, and I beam header supports were all bolted together •No parts were welded! •All parts are were packaged and labeled •Price includes delivery to your location, and the dismantling foreman for up to 2 days at your location to sort out the parts and explain what the parts are. •Would also consider sell smaller pieces of the mezzanine



Model:Mezzanine 46 wide x 100 long

Stock Number:Mezzzanine 46ft X 100FT

Location:Toledo, WAMap It

Seller Information


Machinery Scene

PO Box 427
Toledo, WA 98591Map It



View Seller's Entire Inventory and Information