G Tek Industries Band Resaw$49,999

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358 Darst Road
Waverly, OH 45690
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G TEK Grade Band Resaw S/N 8411310051400B001142, 100 HP motor, 16×16 capacity, 5” band (approx. 20 bands), w/ infeed, positioner and turner, outfeed and stop gate/separator, complete run around, 2 control cabs w/ computer setworks, w/ 3 hydraulic packs, w/ 1 30 HP and 2 25 HP motors and control center, 20 HP suction blower. $49,999. Call 740-222-1597 for more information.


Make:G Tek Industries

Serial Number:8411310051400B001142

Location:Waverly, OH

Seller Information


358 Darst Road
Waverly, OH 45690Map It



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