Baker 4 head Band Resaw$98,500

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210 High Echo Lane
Westby, WI 54667
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4 head Baker resaw, West Plaines 50 HP vertical cant sizer with programmable VFD on feed, Baker chopsaw with Pendu cant turners on rollcase, tilt-hoist, Curtis 10 HP compressor, Arrow regenerative line dryer with cooler, Dustek blower and baghouse with airlock and auger, 6’x35’ 2-strand deck with VFD drive. All starters and disconnects. Currently set up to chop, size, & resaw up to 16’ long. $98,500 608-606-9209



Model:4 head

Power Output(HP):80

# of Heads:4

Cutting Diameter(in):8


# Owners:1

Location:Westby, WIMap It

Seller Information


Leer Logging

210 High Echo Lane
Westby, WI 54667Map It



View Seller's Entire Inventory and Information