BAKER-RULLMAN SD 80-24 Drum Dryer$98,500

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1805 Sardis Road N
Charlotte, NC 28270
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BAKER-RULLMAN (or HEIL) 8-24 Drying System built around an 8' x 24' Triple-Pass Rotary Drum Dryer;Complete with the following major components and features: -- BAKER-RULLMAN 8 Ft. x 24 Ft. 3-Pass Dryer Drum with new drum Seals. -- BAKER-RULLMAN Trunnion Bases and Drum Drive. -- Dryer Input Hopper Feeder with controlled speed Screw bottom and new $4,000 Gearbox. Material Input Auger. -- Dryer System Main Fan. -- 10 MM BTU capacity WEBB Biomass Burner with $8,000 of new refractory with professional installation. -- Fuel Bin with screw bottom. Screw speed is automatically controlled by Burner Controls. -- Cyclo ne Collector. -- Cyclone Discharge Screw Conveyor. -- Includes Electrical with $12,000 in new components. -- Burner Modulation Controls. -- NOTES: ● The trunnions are all in good condition with $4,000 of new bearings. ● This type of system is commonly capable of drying up 3 to 4 Tons per hour of sawdust or up to 60 - 65 yards per hour of molder shavings, depending upon input/output moisture content levels. ● A WEBB burner requires about 3/8" minus material and 20% or less moisture content. Often fuel is taken from the product output and there is a fan available on this system for that purpose.



Model:SD 80-24

Stock Number:DB-010248

Location:SOUTH, AL


Seller Information



1805 Sardis Road N
Charlotte, NC 28270Map It



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