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1805 Sardis Road N
Charlotte, NC 28270
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Complete block feeding system for high capacity Fingerjointers, complete with Box Dumper, Receiving Bin Conveyor, and Transfer Conveyor to the Fingerjointer and consisting of the following items: -- Box Dumper: For dumping (1) load at a time. Hoist is fabricated from steel tubing with a box cradle that pivots at the top. The forklift operator sets the box into the cradle. The cradle is equipped with a crossbar that interfaces with fork pocket extensions. The crossbar system holds the box securely in place while it is pivoted up to 135º to the final dumping position. -- NOTE: Extended fork pockets may need to be added to your boxes; detailed drawings of your boxes are required with an order. -- Cradle is pivoted with a hydraulic cylinder driven by a 3 HP hydraulic pump. The cylinder is manually energized via operator foot-switches. System includes all mechanical equipment, electric powered hydraulic pump, and (2) foot switches. All wiring and controls by others. Accepts a standard 96" long X 60" wide X 60" high box. -- Receiving Bin Conveyor: 48" Wide x 10' long conveyor bed reinforced to resist impact from material falling from dumped boxes; conveyor with 3' wide sides to contain dumped materials; sloped sides to allow material to freely egress the bin; powered with 1-1/2 HP gear motor at 15 FPM. - Wiring and controls by buyer. -- Block Infeed Conveyor: Conveyor with 18" wide x 16' long bed; with sheeting from Receiving Bin and 6" deep sides on Infeed Conveyor properly contain blocks; powered by 1-1/2 HP gear motor at 140 FPM. - Wiring and controls by others. -- All equipment is new; fabricated frames and appropriate parts painted with (1) coat industrial grade Shady Lane Green enamel; guards and appropriate moving parts painted Safety Orange. -- All gear motors, mechanical equipment, limit switches, sensors or photoelectric devises required are included and mounted. Pneumatic cylinders and devises and their air valves are supplied and mounted. -- Connecting hoses and fittings installed; Filter/Regulator units supplied, mounted and connected by hose to valves. -- Compressed air service by purchaser. Disconnects, motor starters, enclosures, transformers, PLC's, programming, electrical push button controls and emergency stop devises supplied and installed by purchaser.



Make:Rose Machinery


Stock Number:FJ-010467



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1805 Sardis Road N
Charlotte, NC 28270Map It



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