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1805 Sardis Road N
Charlotte, NC 28270
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PELLET.TOWER Pellet Manufacturing System. -- Complete modular, vertically designed Pellet Manufacturing System within a 65' tall free-standing tower containing all the Pellet Manufacturing equipment necessary on a 17' x 20' concrete pad including all pellet producing material handling & conveyor systems. -- 25,000 - 30,000 Tons annual pellet capacity from wood or agricultural waste streams. -- Tower includes: (6) Levels, vertically integrated on top of each other; an operator monitoring station is located at the ground level, processing equipment is in the top (5) levels. -- Each level has direct "walk-up" service and maintenance access without personal lifts, ladders, or other access devices. -- Complete integration of electric power supply & panels, Compressed Air, Air Filters, and Dust Collection, with safety controls linked throughout the automated system. -- System designed to run and be maintained by (1) on-site operator or off-site with remote PC monitoring of the entire process. -- Each level includes high quality brand name equipment: Hammer Mill at the beginning of the process, Material Holding & Dosing Bin, as well as the Dust Collection & Air Handling system at the very top of the Tower. -- Binding Agent System, multiple Foreign Material Separators, Water Dosing with moisture control; Ripening Silo; high production Pellet Mill, Pellet Cooler, final Screening Station on levels below. -- Includes following auxiliary equipment: Process Control with full Visualization (on Monitors), Fire Protection, Explosion Prevention, Dust Collection, Spark Detection, Water Distribution, Compressed Air, and a Central Vacuum Cleaning System that makes all a clean enclosed work environment. -- The 6-levels are in a completely self-contained steel structure, enclosed with insulated sandwich panels and weatherproof cladding. -- Post-installation, in case of relocation, the Tower can be divided into (4) units for transportation on flatbed trailers; dismantling & reconstruction requires approx.(6) weeks. -- Pricing includes "delivery to site, installation & training". Please ask for full quote with all specifics - and geared toward your location, material, and application!



Make:Pellet Tower


Stock Number:PT-010015

Location:MIDWEST, AL


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1805 Sardis Road N
Charlotte, NC 28270Map It



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