2018 Ex-Stand LR100-6L Moulder$29,950

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1805 Sardis Road N
Charlotte, NC 28270
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Lateral chain moulder feeder designed for end-to-end feeding of surfaced wood strips. -- The feeder will accommodate material from 16" to 12'0" long, 3/8"- 3 1/2" thick and from 3/4"- 12" in width, at moulder feed speeds up to 260 ft/min. _ Using state-of-the-art AC inverters domestically produced to handle the rigors of the U.S. market, the LR100-8L eliminates the mess, inefficiencies and excessive power consumption of hydraulic systems. The simple speed adjustment knobs at the operator's panel provides easy, precise and immediate control of the feed works; while delivering constant horsepower and torque throught the wide speed range. -- The feed works of the LR100-8L is further enhanced by using the upper urethane rollers as pinch rollers, while driving only the lower polished steel rollers. This configuration coupled with the superior power of the inverter drive system provides robust clamping and feeding capacities. Additionally, since the urethane rollers are not driven, they enjoy a far superior life and they do not dictate feed speed. (Note: as drive rollers on other feeders wear and get smaller, the system runs slower). -- The machine comes standard with (2) 2" wide urethane rollers and (1) 3/4" wide urethane roller for narrower strips. -- The lateral transport chain deck surface of the LR100-8L is 3'-0" deep x 8'-0" long and has (6) arms of steel table-top chains running over UHMW wear strips for maintenance free operation. A separate motor with inverter drive provides power and speed control to the chains. The chain deck comes standard with our unique on-demand free operation. In this mode, instead of running continuously, the chain deck of the LR100 is controlled by the system's PLC and runs only when a work piece is needed. This pulsing action of the chains holds and feeds the material on the deck in an orderly fashion while still maintaining end-to-end feeding to the moulder. The on-demand mode is further enhanced by a set of operator selected timers which permit feeding of short and random length material without the need for continual operator assistance. For those occasions when continuous running of the chains is desired, a selector switch at the control panel allows the operator to instantly switch from on-demand mode to continuous mode. -- The LR100-8L is delivered to you plug-and-play ready for immediate duty. After alignment to your moulder, simply hook up power and air to the control panel and run. -- A specially programmed PLC controls all operations of the feeder. -- Pneumatic system is shipped complete and ready for use.





Stock Number:MF-012154



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1805 Sardis Road N
Charlotte, NC 28270Map It



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