2018 Cam-Wood SFJ-AUTOSET Jointer and Finger Jointer$109,000

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1805 Sardis Road N
Charlotte, NC 28270
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CAM-WOOD SFJ-AUTOSET Automatic Finger Joint MachineCOMPLETE WITH RIGHT & LEFT SHAPERS, GLUE APPLICATOR, CUTOFF SAW, AND ASSEMBLY PRESS. Cuts vertical and horizontal joints dependent on how blocks are loaded. -- Fully automatic finger joint production line to produce finger jointed boards from short blocks.Shaper Features: -- Right Hand Shaper end trims incoming blocks and shapes fingers on the right end of blocks. -- Left Hand Shaper end trims and machines opposite fingers. -- Shapers are equipped with (2) trim saws; (1) saw blade for cutting even end of blocks and (1) blade for scoring to ensure a clean joint. -- Air-operated holddown clamp holds blocks firmly in place. After blocks are clamped, table feeds past the trimming and shaping operations. -- Shaper spindles are precision constructed to cut accurate finger profiles; spindles accommodate up to 6” dia. cutter heads. -- Spindle height adjustment is displayed on a digital readout for easy adjustment. -- Table travels on precision linear guides. -- Table traverse is powered by a hydraulic feed system which ensures a constant and smooth feed of the blocks and results in an accurate and precise cut. -- When the Right Hand Shaper completes its cutting process, the conveyor table automatically transfers blocks to Left Hand Shaper and returns to the starting position to accept new blocks. -- When the Left Hand Shaper is finished, blocks with adhesive on one end are automatically transferred to an inspection station and sent to the Assembly Press.Press Features: -- The Press is automatic and performs (3) functions: preliminary assembly of finger jointed blocks, cutting the pre-assembled blocks to predetermined length, and final assembly or “squeeze”, powered by a heavy duty hydraulic system. When pressing is complete, assembled boards are feed out of the Press. -- Includes a power feed for fast feeding of blocks and auto stops which are set according to the finished board length. The saw cuts as the stop is contacted. -- Furnished with cut off saws as standard equipment for cutting workpieces to the length desired. -- The maximum length of assembled boards is 16'. Longer Presses are available. -- System employs an advanced programmable logic controller for ease of operation and maintenance. -- The machine's motion sequences are displayed by the signal lamps for easy checking in the event of a malfunction.Shaper Specifications: -- Thickness capacity: 3/4” - 6”; Incoming block length: 8” - 31”; Assembly Press width capacity: 3/4” - 6”; Assembly Press thickness capacity: 3/4” - 3”. Maximum finish press length: 181” (longer available) -- Block Transfer Conveyor Unit: Conveyor receives and transfers blocks to the Right Hand Shaper. Table Width: 24”; Table Depth: 30”; powered by a 1/2 HP Motor. -- Right Hand Shaper scores, trims and shapes the finger at right end of material. Table width: 24&rdq





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1805 Sardis Road N
Charlotte, NC 28270Map It



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