2018 AES NOVA 1632 Router$76,800

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1805 Sardis Road N
Charlotte, NC 28270
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AES - NOVA 1632, ...5' x 10' Nested Base CNC Router with ATC & Boring. Description:5’ x 10' Single-Zone Stationary Phenolic Grid "Matrix" Table with Dual Driven Traveling "Bridge Gantry".Specifications: -- Working Field: X-Axis is 126" (3,200 mm), Y-Axis is 63" (1,600 mm), and Z-Axis Stroke is 12" (300 mm).Square grid pattern allows use of vacuum pods or closed cell rope gasketing material and use of spoil boards for "nested base machining". --Positioning Speed: X-Axis at 60 MPM (197 FPM), Y-Axis at 60 MPM (197 FPM), Z-Axis Speed 20 MPM (65 FPM), Z-Axis Stroke 200 mm (8").Yaskawa Brushless, high torque AC Servo motor drive control on all axes.High Precision "Rack & Pinion" system on X- & Y-axis with a ground ball screw on Z-Axis.All components ride on THK precision linear guide ways. -- HSD Boring Unit: 2.2 HP (1.7 kW) Drilling Head; Tool connections 10 mm collet; (9) Independent Vertical Spindles on 32mm centers, (5) X-Axis, and (5) on Y-Axis; maximum vertical spindle speed 6,000 RPM. -- Spindle & ATC: 12 HP (9 kW) HSD Air cooled electro spindle with HSK F63 adapter, variable spindles speeds from 1,500 to 24,000 RPM(1) 8-position Automatic Linear Tool Changer Rack. -- Operator & Machine Control: OSAI Open Industrial PC control with: Windows "8" operating system, 15.6” TFT colored LCD screen; ergonomic keypad; compatible with all CAD/CAM software on the market Program & Data transfer via USB ports or downloading by wire is made possible via serial port connections for RS-232, RS-242 & Ethernet adaptor.OSAI Control offers an incredible list of functions from (a) auto- diagnostics to (z) zooming; controlled acceleration & deceleration, encoder feedback, dynamic tool correction via PLC due to due to active tool wear using space-and-time criteria. -- CAD/CAM Software: ALPHACAM "Essential" 2D CAD/CAM package, the most efficient and widely used CAD/CAM software in the woodworking industry, is included with machine. This package includes 3D Engraving and is Upgradable to full 5-Axis so it can grow with your business.ALPHACAM - As easy as you need it to be and as powerful as you want it to be. -- Features: ● (1) BECKER 250 cbm/Hr Vacuum Pump ● Hand-Held Remote Control Pendant ● Automatic Tool Offset Unit ● Manual Lubrication Unit to 19 Central Lubrication Points ● Pneumatic Part Location Referencing Pop-up Pins -- Safety System: Safety enclosure around the spindle carriage; photocell safety sensors & perimeter fencing. -- Supplied with: Comprehensive technical documentation & manuals and covered by a 1 - year Parts and 6 - month Labor factory warrantyNOTE: EX-FACTORY has this AES machine under power & available for inspection at their Zeeland, MI Showroom!




Model:NOVA 1632

Stock Number:RC-300063

Location:MIDWEST, AL


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1805 Sardis Road N
Charlotte, NC 28270Map It



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