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Battle Wagon Trailers

Middlebury, IN 46540
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This Trailer has been SOLD, another new one will be available soon. Willing to Build to all customer specs. Battle Wagon Drop Deck Trailer. 42' by 102" Air Ride. Built on a 12" drop to lower trailers center of gravity, and increase loading capacity height. All while still having 11R 22.5 14PR Firestone FS 560 tires. All 4x4x1/4" Bolster stakes standing at 5 feet above deck allowing for a 93 3/4" inside width capacity for log loading. All bolster stakes are removable and able to stored on frame of trailer to obtain at full 102" width trailer. 30" king pin on a 12' neck, Heavy 5"x5" dolly down landing gear. Bulk Head, Chain Box, All LED lights, push bumper, 3 straps per bunk to catch ALL forestry products needs. Call Battle Wagon Today 260-623-3322.



Make:Battle Wagon Trailers

Model:12in Drop Frame

Location:Middlebury, INMap It

Seller Information


Battle Wagon Trailers

Middlebury, IN 46540Map It



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