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Brute Force

N648 Sunset Dr
Dorchester, WI 54425-9312
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Brute Force Log Splitters are heavy duty, professional Log Splitters made by Brute Force Manufacturing in Wisconsin. These wood splitters are built to the highest standards and are made to work daily in a commercial firewood operations. Used in conjunction with a firewood processor, this log splitter allows you to break down those big logs to a manageable size to run though a firewood processor. Model 13-24 splitter comes with 13 HP manual start Honda engine & 22 GPM pump, while the Model 20-24 comes with a 20 HP electric start Honda with 28 GPM pump. See Specifications tab above for more details. Pictures & video of log splitter in operation below.



Make:Brute Force


Location:Dorchester, WIMap It


Seller Information


Brute Force

N648 Sunset Dr
Dorchester, WI 54425-9312Map It



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