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Hollingsworth Lumber

6810 W. 400 S.
Russiaville, IN 46979
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Good condition, low hour machine, still in use. 150 HP 3 phase motor runs grinder. The grinder is fed in our operation by an HMC debarker and has had an easy life. It is inside a building and has been for its entire life. Looks great, runs great and will make someone a good piece of equipment for a long time. Rotochopper has been a great company to deal with on parts/questions etc. We have simply invested in a larger machine as our operation has grown and changed. Machine is still in use, come see it run today!






Serial Number:11-2485

Stock Number:1

Location:Russiaville, INMap It

Seller Information


Hollingsworth Lumber

6810 W. 400 S.
Russiaville, IN 46979Map It



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