1999 Western Star Log Truck$65,000

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Hustedde timber

223 state Route E
Fayette, MO 65248
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1999 Western Star Log Truck. New 60 series Detroit engine with warrenty, only 2,000 miles on the engine. Newly rebuilt 18 speed and newly rebuilt front differential. Very strong running truck, currently hauls logs daily. New front tires with 100 tread, rear drive tires about 85. Good brakes, 120C prentice extenda boom loader, strong loader. I have storm boxes and a trailer for sale also. Storm trailer is 102” wide, 48,000lb equipment trailer. This was a Wisconsin truck, I have two tag axles that were taken out that will be included with the truck. Storm boxes will measure in at 125+ yards. Storm boxes have never been used. Ready to haul logs are go on the next storm! (660)-888-8771



Make:Western Star

Power Output(HP):500

Tire Percentage:85

Number of Gears:18



Log Bed Length(ft):24

Location:Fayette, MOMap It

Seller Information


Hustedde timber

223 state Route E
Fayette, MO 65248Map It



View Seller's Entire Inventory and Information