1999 Thermwood C 42 Router$34,900

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1805 Sardis Road N
Charlotte, NC 28270
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THERMWOOD "C 42" Twin Table CNC Router with ATC. -- Dual 5' x 5' Moving tables in a front-to-back configuration. -- Equipped with: (1) 10 HP ATC spindle, variable spindle speed from 3,000 - 18,000 RPM, 4-position wine-rack tool changer. -- Features: High performance closed loop SIEMENS Servo motors driving precision ball screws on all axes, feed speeds up to 900 IPM on the X- & Y-axis and 600 IPM on the Z-axis. -- Guide way & ball screw bearings serviced by an AUTOMATIC lubrication system. -- THERMWOOD "OS/2 Warp system" Controller:WINDOWS Based Control, "E-Cabinet" software ready, hand held programmer with pulse generator, 14" color monitor, hard drive, 85-key/101-emulation Qwerty keyboard for data entry. -- NOTE:The difference between this and the 91000 control is "it is pretty comparable. Programming is exactly same. It still has the same file system. We use a disc to put everything in. The only difference is the amount of letters your able to use to name your files and also which function key you use to put them in. -- RS-232 port and floppy drive for PC communications, feed rate & spindle speed override; mounted in an air conditioned Nema rated control cabinet. -- Complete with:(1) 18 HP Vacuum Pump, assorted tool-holders, documentation and manuals.




Model:C 42

Stock Number:RC-012099

Location:MIDWEST, AL


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1805 Sardis Road N
Charlotte, NC 28270Map It



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