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Hakki Pilke 50 Pro firewood factory

The most versatile firewood processor on the market is ready. Business owners around the world had their say and Hakki Pilke listened. The end result is an efficient, durable and innovative one-man firewood factory.

Hakki Pilke 50 Pro is the king of firewood processors; it is the most efficient industrial model on the market. 50 Pro continues a strong tradition. Its predecessors include Easy 50s and BigX47, both of which are some of the most popular professional machines in their category worldwide. Thanks to knowledgeable and active users, the new model is tailored to fulfil even the most demanding customer needs.

50 Pro cuts and splits so efficiently that it can be described as a one-man firewood factory. The easy-to-use HakkiCut™ user interface streamlines cutting and improves working conditions.

“We truly value ergonomics. With the HakkiCut™, the user can easily control the machine with the two buttons on the joystick. This helps maintain good working position, with no compromises on efficiency,” says Development Manager Timo Jussila from Hakki Pilke.

HakkiCut™ automatically optimises cutting speed, and the cutting itself is performed by simply pushing a button. Thanks to the delay-free HakkiSplit™ cutting system, material flow remains smooth with peak productivity.

Forstunternehmen Reith is a German company that produces firewood. Its owner Dietmar Reith had the opportunity to test the 50 Pro before anyone else.

“The excellent new measuring device combined with faster splitting compared to the previous model,” Reith says, when asked about the features of the new 50 Pro that make his work easier.

Dietmar Reith has been a customer of Hakki Pilke for nearly twenty years. This means that he is one of the tens of thousands of users that are part of the winning team.

“To us, the Join the Winning Team slogan means that we are always there for our customers and partners. We ensure that business owners have the use of the most modern firewood processor in the business, while providing spare parts for old models,” says Managing Director Anssi Westerlund from Hakki Pilke.

Being local is also important. The fact that the salesperson understands the challenges associated with the climate and wood species in the area is crucial. The Hakki Pilke team is always local: the company has representatives in 34 countries around the world and they stick up for their own.

“Our importers are committed to our values and understand the importance of the team,” Westerlund says.

The product developers at Hakki Pilke focused on the durability of the machine. The number of mechanical wear parts has been minimised in the new model. The AC 10 chain tensioner and revamped hydraulics are examples of the multitude of changes that can double the service life of wear parts and make the machine even more efficient than before.

The need for maintenance has also been minimised: chain replacement can be performed without tools, and instead of several minutes, the task can be performed in roughly twenty seconds.

The new machine knows no bounds, but processes all types of wood regardless of its hardness or crookedness. No wonder, as Hakki Pilke has revolutionised the market with several innovations and firewood processors for three decades and counting.

“Development starts in the field. It is down to our team members, i.e. users, that the Hakki Pilke 50 Pro is the most versatile firewood processor on the market.”

Hakki Pilke has sold over 30,000 units in over 35 countries. In the 1990s, model 1X37 revolutionized the firewood industry becoming the world’s most sold firewood processor. Today the Hakki Pilke brand is known for its excellent after-sales services and state of the art performance and reliability. Easy mobility and fast set up makes Hakki Pilke processors great for both indoor and outdoor use.

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Hakki Pilke has sold 30,000 units in over 35 countries making them the largest firewood processor manufacturer in the world. Hakki Pilke combines advanced technology and world class engineering to bring the user experience to the next level. Fastest cycle times in their class at 3-4 seconds and up to 4-5 cords per hour, beats any machine for twice the cost. Known for high reliability and rare downtime. Join the Winning Team setting the new standard in firewood processing!
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