Laona Machine Supply Introduces ‘The Chain Shark’

3/21/2018 1:51:22 PM

The New Chain Shark, exclusively from Laona Machine Supply, greatly improves the performance of electric saw sharpeners.

Laona Machine Supply recently unveiled “The Chain Shark”. Invented by Tony Enders, a long-time employee of Laona Machine Supply, who has supervised the maintenance and sharpening of saws for many years. Tony realized that other chain grinders were very expensive and difficult to correctly setup, making it difficult to operate and time consuming. Tony also found that manual grinders lead to operator fatigue leading to a lack of uniformity of grind, improper tooth angle and poor chain performance. The Chain Shark addresses all of these issues and does so at a fraction of the cost of automatic sharpening systems. Quickly and easily sharpens the most popular professional saw chain sizes including the 3/8, .404 and ¾ pitch saw chain on hand saws, firewood processors, slasher saws and harvester heads. Visit for complete video and information.

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