Hutto Wood Products Introduces New Block Shaver


Aiken, SC – Hutto Wood Products has added another great option in their line of shaving mills, their new Block Shaver. This compact mill is designed to focus on cut-offs, loose ends, and other scrap wood material ranging from ½” up to 6” of scraps or round wood, regardless of species. Like all of Hutto’s mills, the new Block Shaver is built to last, hands free, 100% ready to run when it arrives and most importantly – affordable! If you are tired of seeing blocks and other scrap material pile up – the new Block Shaver is for you!

Hutto Wood Products has many shavings mills in their lineup, including a block shaver that was built over 5 years ago. With vast improvements on the new mill, the comparisons to it or other waste shavers aren’t close. Expanding the size of scrap sizes the machine can handle will allow mills to turn virtually any size cut-offs they have into profits!
Hutto Wood Products has focused on building high-quality, affordable shavings mills ranging from 3 to 60+ yards per hour. To find out more about the new Block Shaver, visit or call 803-564-7173 today!

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Hutto Wood Products has been producing Shavings Mills for over 10 years. We offer a wide range of Mills, from 3-5 yards/hour to 40+. Having owned and operated a shaving plant, we know what you're looking for in a mill. We stand behind each and every piece of equipment! What can we do for you?
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