KF Software Solutions Launches the First Cloud Based Forestry Inventory System, Tally-IO


Casey, IL (January 8th, 2019) – KF Software Solutions has begun taking orders for their innovative Tally-IO Cloud Based Forestry Inventory System.

Tally-IO, referring to “Tally-In and Tally-Out,” can be easily customized to your operation, removes the limitations of previous handheld inventory systems, allows access to data whenever and wherever, and with graduated pricing structure, it’ll increase your bottom line for small mills, buyers, and multi-location producers. Tally-IO will be of tremendous value to mills with current inventory management systems looking for a better solution, and mills without, that have relied on their accounting system or other techniques to bypass the high cost of handhelds and other fees.

KF Software Solutions is owned by Andrew Beeman and Jonathan Byrd. Andrew is a fourth generation operating owner of Beeman & Sons Logging and Sawmill of Martinsville, IL. Jonathan and Andrew are both Military Veterans and their education in computer science combined with years of Beeman’s experience in the mill made the need for the innovative Tally-IO easy to see. Beeman & Sons’ mill has quickly reaped benefits from the new inventory system after making the switch from handhelds to Tally-IO at the turn of the New Year.

Tally-IO is more than a calculator. Soon you’ll find key metrics on shift production, employee production, turn-around time, operating slowdowns, equipment efficiency, profits by species, buyers, time of year, and much more! Whether you’re a one man operation, multi-location sawmill, or anything in-between, Tally-IO was built for all forestry inventory needs! To schedule a demo or find out more, call 217-549-5995 or visit www.tally-io.com.

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