Cleereman Industries Unveils Rosserhead Debarker

4/24/2018 9:35:47 AM

Cleereman addressed the engineering deficiencies that have led to costly breakdowns, high maintenance costs, operator fatigue and extreme levels of fiber damage and loss for 50+ years.

Addressing a main point of wear and failure in old fashioned debarkers the new Cleereman HD 852 features cast alloy steel bull wheels, 3 15/16” bull wheel shafts and Anson split urathane bearings.

Operator safety and comfort come standard with insulation and sound deadening, Touch Screen diagnostic and control system, ergonomic seat, armrest mounted, palm down joystick controls and much more.

Cleereman Industries is built upon the very simple concept of providing only top quality machinery and industry leading service. Beginning in 1955 with the sale of the first Cleereman carriage, the product line now includes carriage drives, log troughs, log turners, all manner of material handling equipment and the revolutionary LumberPro. The new H.D. 852 Rosser-Head debarker is no different. Recognizing that IF Cleereman built a Rosserhead debarker it would be extremely heavy duty and incorporate improvements to address as many of the weak points of other manufacturer’s designs. Improvements like: Cast alloy steel bull wheels, 3 15/16” bull wheel shafts, Cleereman HD carriage wheels riding on heavy duty replaceable vertical tracks, proprietary balanced ambidextrous segmented aluminum head, Cleereman exclusive Fixed Head Design on Swell Reducing Head creates the perfect profile, remote machine grease plate, comfortable operators booth with Cleereman exclusive Palm Flat Joystick controls mounted into a deluxe armrest joystick seat, Touchscreen-Diagnostic Control System for easy trouble shooting of machine. Fact is, Rosserhead debarkers haven’t changed in over 50 years – until now. Such is the trust Cleereman owners hold for the company that the first Cleereman H.D. 852 Rosser-Head debarker was sold before it even existed in a blueprint. See the biggest leap forward in Rosser-Head design for yourself at the Richmond EXPO May 18th and 19th.

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