Stahl's Sawmill & Logging Supplies Announces NEW Website

3/30/2017 4:26:34 PM

Shop Online Now!

Stahl's Sawmill & Logging Supplies of Mount Pleasant Mills, PA is proud to announce their new website, Since 1957, Stahl's has been serving sawmills and loggers with preferred services and supplies to help customers not only reduce downtime, but proactively move forward. The new website will allow customers to place orders online, take advantage of updated sales and pricing, shop at their convenience, and stay connected with new products on the market.

Stahl's is one of the few who serve both sawmills with supplies from Simonds knives, bits, and shanks to straightening circle saws while facilitating logger's demands for Oregon Products, Husqvarna Saws, safety supplies, to Babac Tire chains. The website is an extension of the solid reputation the Stahl's team has built by focusing on supreme customer service, product knowledge and integrity throughout the company's 60 years. Created by the team at, the website features easy to find search options, mobile friendly design, and complete E-Commerce functionality for a quick and enjoyable shopping experience. Visit today, to find all of your Sawmill and Logging Supplies!

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