3/6/2017 11:00:07 AM

PORTLAND Oregon – March 2, 2017 – Heicor Enterprises, LLC introduces a new generation of kilns under the brand name HDE Dry Kilns to the North American market. HDE Kilns will offer an exceptional value for both large and small kiln drying operations, supplying units from 500 BDFT to over 170,000 BDFT, in track or package loaded configurations. Container kilns, as well as pallet and firewood heat treating kilns are also available. Heat sources will include steam, hot water, thermal oil, or indirect fired gas.

HDE Dry Kilns use US sourced heat systems, piping, heat exchangers, valves, UL approved motor controls, and kiln controls. Kiln chambers, fans and fan shrouds are produced by the Harbin Halei Drying Equipment Company. The kiln controls will be supplied exclusively by Lignomat USA.

Uli Heimerdinger, President of Lignomat USA LTD, said, “After supplying Lignomat kiln control systems for many years to Harbin Halei Drying Equipment Company , it became evident that they are a quality manufacturer. HDE Dry Kilns is the result of shared German and US kiln design technology paired with this proven and reliable manufacturing company.”

About Harbin Halei Drying Equipment Company

One of the world’s largest manufacturers of dry kilns, Harbin Halei Drying Equipment Company has produced over 5,000 kilns for operations in over 20 countries and 4 continents since 1985. They have gained a reputation for producing high-quality, technologically advanced kilns that are reliable and efficient.

About Lignomat USA, Ltd.

Originally beginning in Germany, Lignomat USA has produced moisture meters and dry kiln controls in Portland Oregon since 1981. Lignomat kiln controls have been and are used in kilns of several kiln manufacturers - either as original equipment or for upgrades - and are the preferred choice of many kiln operators. Lignomat is headed by Uli Heimerdinger, the son-in-law of Robert Hildebrand, who is widely recognized as the originator of the modern dry kiln.

About Heicor Enterprises LLC

Sales and marketing for HDE Dry Kilns will be provided by Heicor Enterprises LLC, in Portland Oregon.
Heicor is owned and managed by Glen Heiner and Kevin Corder, who have over 50 years of experience
in sales, service, marketing, and management in the wood processing equipment industry. Heicor
Enterprises also represents MILL Industrial sawmill equipment and Reignmac industrial woodworking

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