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CRD Metalworks

CRD Metalworks is a family company, dedicated to bringing you the best firewood processor in terms of overall value and performance. Rely on our experience in the forest products industry, superior service and reliability, and excellent profitability to deliver you a firewood processor that will serve you and work with you for years to come.
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Put away your pickeroons! CRD Metalworks introduces it's newest innovation- creating more safety and efficiency on the woodlot- our patent-pending RPS Technology (Rapid Positioning System). Our innovative push button system, allows bi-rotational positioning of cut blocks in the splitting hopper automatically. Our RPS allows for complete, hands-free positioning of a block of wood prior to splitting. Expect an increase in production while increasing operator safety! Currently standard on Woodbine PRO and Rapido Loco models, RPS marks a bold step forward by industry leader CRD Metalworks in firewood processing systems. Contact them at 888-667-8580 for more information or visit their website at