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Automated Biomass Systems

Automated Biomass Systems is an integrated manufacturer of firewood processing and handling equipment. We pride ourselves in providing innovative designs built to stand up to years of use and the wear and tear of the industry. Our products are intentionally overbuilt to last for many years of trouble-free service.
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Automated Biomass System’s newest member to the AutoSplit family is the AS-390. Utilizing a ½ thick plate steel frame with integrated hydraulic tank and a 12 HP Honda GX-390 engine to create a machine with all the technology and durability of its Big Brother the AS-630 HD at a price tag that’s aimed at the home or small woodlot owner.

This unit features the same 4” cylinder, 23” maximum log diameter chamber, uses the same wedges as the entire Autosplit family. Plus the AS-390 also incorporates our revolutionary hands free automatic log pullback system to increase throughput while simplifying operation. This proven system produces uniform sized wood that stacks better, dries better and sells better.

This unit pairs to an optional Fines separator with our integrated Pass Thru Technology. Combine that with the optional Log lift and extra 3, 4, and 5-way wedge, and you have an industrial grade, versatile splitter at a fraction of the cost of the competition
The AS-390 utilizes our AutoSplit technology to produce up to one full cord of evenly split firewood per hour with minimal handling. Powered by the legendary Honda GX-390 12 HP engine and advanced hydraulics including a robust 4” bore 3” rod cylinder, this machine will make the arduous task of splitting firewood a more enjoyable and productive experience.

Based off a frame constructed out of ½” thick plate steel, this machine is built to withstand the abuses which inevitably occur while splitting firewood. Our unique wedge, constructed out of high strength alloy steel, allows for even sized firewood regardless of block diameter. When splitting large blocks up to 23” in diameter, the machine automatically feeds the block through the wedge until it has been split. When splitting smaller pieces, the operator can keep feeding as many blocks into the chamber as possible while the pusher plate keeps feeding them through.
Have twisted and crooked wood? No problem for the AS-390 as it will shear through the knots branches and twists to create even sized stackable pieces.