Wisconsin based Multitek North America expands its forestry machinery lineup with recent acquisition of Wood Beaver Forestry.

In continuing with the company’s growth and diversification strategy, Multitek North America, LLC announced today the acquisition of Hartford, Wisconsin based Wood Beaver Forestry. Established in 2007 Wood Beaver Forestry manufactures a lineup of wood processing machinery including firewood conveyors, bundling equipment, firewood processors and support equipment related to firewood production.
Company President, Douglas Kamps states “Our addition of Wood Beaver will further grow our forestry machinery line and enable us to better serve both small and large producers of firewood. This addition will enable Multitek to add industry leading service, support, and sales throughout its new Wood Beaver line.
Scott Eifler, former President of Wood Beaver Forestry said he sees Multitek as the ideal suitor to take his business forward. “We have worked with Wisconsin based Multitek on many occasions in the past and we feel that our clients will benefit greatly from Multitek’s focus and deep roots in the firewood processor industry.”
Multitek’s global footprint and additional expertise in engineering, hydraulics, manufacturing, and sourcing will benefit Wood Beavers growing lineup of firewood processors and accessories. Multitek’s full service production facility and manufacturing aligns the two companies for continued product and service expansion and will harmonize best in class offerings from smaller producers of firewood on up to the largest in the world.
Manufacturing of the Wood Beaver line is moving to Multitek’s Tomahawk and Prentice, Wisconsin facilities immediately to bring additional advanced manufacturing techniques and abilities to further harmonize the two product lines.
About Multitek: Multitek North America, LLC was founded in the 1970’s by the forest industry legend, Leo Heikkinen. Multitek from its early beginning has had a strong focus on the production of firewood and related support equipment. Very early designs incorporated advanced hydraulic technologies and new concepts for the moving of materials and machine components. Early machines that are still in use today still use Multitek’s patented shuttle grapple log infeed system to enable the user to process low-grade logs into profitable firewood. Multitek has continually stayed at the forefront of hydraulic advancements and engineering abilities to produce industry leading machinery for the production of firewood.
Multitek has a global customer network and ships machines around the world providing suppliers small and large cost effective solutions to meet the demands of their forestry business. Multitek has firewood processors on 6 of the 7 continents worldwide. The addition of the Wood Beaver line provides a line-up of firewood processors comparable to none. The Wood Beaver little beaver 13 is an entry level model starting under $10,000 and ideal for personal and acreage use. Multitek’s flagship models 2040 and 3040 products offer firewood production up to 7 cords per hour that serve the largest suppliers worldwide. The two product lines offer a combined 14 different models of firewood processors with many additional options to make a truly customized solution.
In addition to Multitek’s forestry machinery line-up, Multitek manufactures and distributes machinery for the oil & gas industry and also the power generation industry. Portable flameless heaters, and diesel powered generators are also manufactured at Multitek’s Wisconsin facilities and distributed worldwide. For additional information on Multitek and Wood Beaver Forestry, please visit www.multitekinc.com and www.woodbeaver.net. You can also reach Multitek at 800-243-5438.