Wood-Mizer introduces the LX150 twin rail sawmill designed for hobbyists and professionals looking for a robust, portable sawmill with powered saw head controls and a large 35 ½” width of cut ideal for sawing wide, live edge slabs. As the second LX series sawmill offered by Wood-Mizer in North America, the LX150 joins Wood-Mizer’s world-leading range of portable sawmills.

A key innovation of the Wood-Mizer LX sawmill series includes the rigid LX Frame sawhead tower that holds the control panel, engine, and the sawmill head. Designed to accommodate a larger width and depth of cut, the LX Frame travels on twin parallel hardened steel rails on the bed and allows the operator to have better visibility while sawing.

LX150 Sawmill Features
Power Options
- 25HP Kohler Gas
- 24HP Yanmar Diesel

Cutting Capacity
- 36” max log diameter, 35 ½” max width of cut, and 11” max depth of cut
- 18’ 5” length of cut or unlimited with 6’ 1” bed extensions

- Powered head up/down & forward/reverse
- Optional SimpleSet Setworks & Debarker

Introductory Price
- Starting at $13,995 USD

“Wood-Mizer is dedicated to providing our customers with the best in-class sawmill and wood processing equipment on the market,” said Greg Bacon, Wood-Mizer Sales Director. “The LX150 gives sawyers a new twin-rail sawmill with a highly-durable bed configuration and saw head features such as optional SimpleSet Setworks and debarker for enhanced performance that are not available anywhere else in its class.”

The LX150 twin rail sawmill ships on a single pallet, comes with one Wood-Mizer sawmill blade, and requires minimal assembly time. With a 30-day money back guarantee, and 2-year sawmill warranty, the LX150 sawmill is backed by the same legendary service, quality, and safety features shared by the entire family of Wood-Mizer wood processing equipment. The LX150 is now available to order in North America, South America, and Oceania. For more information, visit www.woodmizer.com or contact a local Wood-Mizer representative.

About Wood-Mizer

Since 1982, Wood-Mizer has earned the reputation as a leading wood processing equipment manufacturer with a strong legacy from its innovative sawmilling products. From Forest to Final Form®, Wood-Mizer offers an extensive line of equipment including narrowband portable and industrial sawmills, wideband sawmilling equipment, band resaws, board edgers, wood kilns, planer/moulders, firewood processing equipment, pallet recycling equipment, material handling equipment, bandsaw blades, and blade maintenance equipment for woodworking and forestry hobbyists and professionals all over the world.

CA580 Smart Saw

11/28/2018 10:36:17 AM

Woodcracker announces release of New Product: CS580 Smart, The grapple saw for intelligent attachment to roto-telehandlers or excavators.

Thanks to its low weight, the Woodcracker CS580 Smart can be easily mounted to roto-telehandlers or excavators. The spring-mounted saw unit avoids jamming of the saw. Dangerous trees are felled with ease. Trees can also be removed in horizontal parts so surrounding trees and buildings stay safe.

For more information, visit www.woodcracker.com or call 617-401-5584

Bandit offers remote controlled Kesla loaders on larger hand-fed chippers.
Bandit now offers extending Kesla loaders with radio remote controls on its Intimidator™ 21XP hand-fed chippers, giving land-clearing professionals, tree care companies and right-of-way contractors a powerful all-in-one tool to dispose of limbs and even whole trees.
“Rated as a 21” capacity chipper, the 21XP is the largest hand-fed chipper in Bandit’s fleet, so it’s built to chip heavy, large-diameter trees. Those can be difficult to quickly get to the chipper, even with a winch,” said Bandit Sales Manager Jason Morey. “The Kesla loader option increases the productivity of this machine in virtually any application.”
The Kesla loader can extend to 21 feet and grab large bundles of limbs, large individual limbs, and even downed whole trees. Using intuitive controls, the operator can guide the material quickly into the chipper to be processed in a fraction of the time it would take operators to winch.
“This option can eliminate the need for additional workers on the ground, or additional equipment brought to the jobsite,” Morey said.
When not in use, the Kelsa loader folds up on the front of the chipper where it’s out of the way, never impeding the discharge chute, or limiting access to common maintenance items.
With a rated chipping capacity of 21 inches, a huge 24.5-inch by 26-inch chipper throat opening, Bandit’s Slide Box Feed System and engine options up to 350 horsepower, the Intimidator™ 21XP is simply the ultimate hand-fed chipper. This machine has no problem processing large whole trees, and is designed for tree services specializing in large tree takedowns, land clearing operations, or any projects requiring the highest levels of production and performance.
Learn more about Bandit Industries by visiting www.banditchippers.com or by calling 1-800-952-0178.