Hutto Wood Products’ Introduces the Jumbo Bagger

9/10/2014 9:44:58 AM

You produce shavings in bulk, now you can bag and transport them in bulk with the Hutto Jumbo Bagger!

Aiken, SC – Hutto Wood Products has taken the ropes off shavings bagging by introducing the NEW Jumbo Bagger! You produce shavings in bulk, so don’t allow small bagging systems to slow you down. The Jumbo Bagger boasts a 70 cubic feet industrial, reusable bag which reduces wasted trips by delivering shavings and removing waste. Size and bulk aren’t the only attributes, the system also allows shavings to be stored green without drying, cutting costs and liability. The Jumbo Bagger can be built to fit your operation or sold in a package with any of Hutto’s shaving mills.

Patrick Hutto, owner of Hutto Wood Products, says his goal is to come out with a new, innovative product each year. Last year the Hutto Mini Mill was a great success, and this year 2 innovative products were released, the Hutto Block Shaver and now the Jumbo Bagger. To see the all of Hutto’s equipment options, the Jumbo Bagger and to stay connected with what’s next, visit or call 803-564-7173 today!

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