Mill Innovations & Design Announces the Revolutionary TDA-1220 Mat Assembly System

3/25/2014 11:27:05 AM

The TDA-1220 produces mats up to 20' from beams up to 12" square in one smooth process.

Mill Innovations and Design, the creators of the TS-4000 Tie Stacking System, have released their new TDA-1220 Mat Assembly System. This radical breakthrough will allow sawmills who produce cross ties and sell mat materials to capitalize on growing markets in crane mat, dragline mats, barge mats, pipeline mats, logging mats and rental mats for the construction, oil and gas exploration industries. The use of timbers in this market segment has grown exponentially. The new TDA-1220 Mat Drill, Trim & Assembly System is a complete and fully automated system with only two operators. Capable of producing forty mats in a single eight hour shift, from timbers 6” – 12” and up to 20’ long.
Maximize your profits by adding this simple to operate, self-contained, fully tested TDA-1220 Mat Assembly System to your sawmill operation today. For complete details contact Mill Innovations & Design at 330-567-3373 or visit

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Mill Innovations and Design LLC. was born out of a need to solve the unique challenges of a busy, working sawmill in Millersburg, Ohio. New ideas and approaches to old material handling problems is the hallmark of what we do for our mill customers.
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