New From Built-Rite

4/6/2017 9:33:50 AM

Model 11-Super with opt. 10way bundlewood wedge

Built-Rite introduces the new Model 11-Super Woodsplitter.

We combined the best features of the Model 24HPWS and the 11HPWS to make a hybrid that dollar for dollar will out perform ANY woodsplitter on the market.

* 15" high wedge with starter wedge
* Extra large pushblock
* 4 1/2" cyl.-3" Rod(same as 24HPWS)
* Fast 8.5 sec. cycle time
* 4 way wedge std. 6,8&10 way optional
* Auto cycle valve
* 500# capacity log lift
* Tows from either end

For more information about this article please contact: John Smith Website 802-228-7293


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With our many years of experience in the firewood business we have been able to use customer suggestion and lessons learned over time to fine tune what we believe to be the best, most efficient and most durable firewood processors, wood splitters, conveyors, and rim crushers on the market.
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