More Options for Pallet Equipment from Cooper Machine

6/3/2016 1:27:00 PM

MIT Pallet Trimmer

Cooper Machine is excited to announce that we are now offering MIT's line of Pallet Equipment including a Carousel Block Cutter, Chamfering Machine and Pallet Trimmer. More information on this equipment can be found on our website at

Cooper Machine also has great options for sawmills looking to produce pallet stock including an Overhead Scragg with Vertical Edgers, Yield Champ (Sharp Chain Scragg with Cant Edger), Cutup Systems, Unscramblers, Edgers, Automated Cant Trimmers, Slab Recovery Systems/Resaws, Handling Equipment, Sorting Systems and Kilns.

We are also honored to now be a member of the National Wooden Pallet and Container Association. We're looking forward to seeing everyone in Tucson next Spring.

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Phone: 478-252-5885

Cooper Machine Company, Inc.

A leader in custom sawmill machinery, Cooper Machine utilizes proven technology with the latest innovations to design and manufacture quality sawmill equipment. Our latest innovation, the Skewing Overhead combines the durability of the original Overhead with new computer and mechanical options to provide our customers with more production and yield. Cooper Machine offers a full line of sawmill equipment including Incomac dry kilns, MIT band saws, carriages, and stacking systems.
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