New Low Profile Pup Trailer from Battle Wagon Trailers

9/15/2014 3:18:09 PM

High quality removable stakes, high clearance push bumper, a recessed lighting are all Battle Wagon exclusive designs.

To haul maximum loads of logs and lumber the tongue was lengthened for strict state bridge laws and interstate weight limits.

The LPP, or Low Profile Pup from Battle Wagon Trailers is safer and more stable on hills and curves.

The Low Profile Pup (LPP) Trailer from Battle Wagon was a cooperative effort. The first one was custom built for Altenburg Hardwoods of Altenburg, Missouri to haul high quality veneer and grade logs, while retaining the ability to remove the bolsters to haul lumber or more easily load extremely large logs. An extra-long tongue was incorporated to haul maximum legal loads on interstate highways and meet state bridge laws. As a custom creation from the ground up, the LPP (Low Profile Pup) trailer was built to be driver friendly, strong and safe. Air ride suspension, low profile tires and all aluminum wheels reduce weight and lower the center of gravity for safety and stability. Attention to detail is evident in the design with the air dump gauge located at the front of the tongue, bolster straps were redesigned for easier access and safety. The rear bumper are is a remodeled version of the super strong and compact Battle Wagon rear bumper to reduce weight and maximize ground clearance.
The bed pictured here features Battle Wagon Bunks and Bolsters with the headache rack, frame rails and final assembly completed by Altenburg Hardwoods personnel.

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