Hurdle Machine Works Website Update

8/27/2014 3:19:14 PM

Hurdle Machine Works, Inc. recently updated its website to better reflect its mission, values, and message. The website details the company's history and team, while showcasing its mills and machinery. Underlying it all is a focus on simple, dependable, and affordable sawmill products.

Hurdle Machine Works was created in 1969 with a complete automatic sawmill, made from scratch, and ready to be installed in the woods. Over 450 complete mills later, the same philosophy of simple, productive sawmills has carried the company and its customers through good times and bad. During the 2008-2009 downturn, Hurdle sawmills gave many operations, big and small, a way to survive. Mill owners soon realized that the Hurdle sawmill was an efficient, affordable way to remain viable when markets were crashing.
Being efficient and productive with low capital machinery costs allowed companies to be more versatile and adapt to changing markets faster than previously possible.

The Hurdle sawmill can be configured for any size operation. The mill can be configured to cut cross ties, grade, or mat material. With over 40 years of design improvements, the Hurdle mill is a proven machine. As they say, "If you relentlessly pursue perfection, you will eventually catch excellence". Check out the website at

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Hurdle Machine Works, Inc.

Hurdle Machine Works, Inc. is committed to designing and manufacturing simple, dependable, and affordable sawmill equipment including complete band and circle mill packages, edgers, resaws, log turners, and linear carriages.
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