TimberPro TL765C






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The TimberPro TL765C is the largest of the C-Series purpose built track machines.
Designed exclusively for the forest industry the TL765C was built to handle extreme
terrain and severe climates.
The leveling undercarriage of the TL765C has long heavy duty track frames and a
wide stance making it extremely robust and very stable.
Equipped with a powerful Cummins QSL 9L engine, a technologically advanced
IQAN MD4 touch screen control system, Parker Energy Recovering Smart Valve
and a dedicated dual hydrostatic swing system the TL765C is the perfect balance of
power, performance and productivity.

Authorized Dealers

Anderson Equipment Company
Bridgeville, PA
Black Hills Timber Equipment LLC
Whitewood, SD
C J Logging Equipment Inc
Boonville, NY
Woodland Equipment Inc.
Iron River, MI