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The TimberPro 830C and 840C are the most versatile wheeled machines in the world today. The TimberPro line of machines come standard with 360 degree continuous rotation allowing the operator to always face his/her work. This feature also gives the operator the ability to remove or place timber from 360&amp;amp;#176; around the machine. Including the option to work over the front of the machine just as well as the sides and rear. TimberPro machines have been proven effective in many other applications other than forwarding logs in the forest. Our machines can be used to move logs in mill yards, set
mats in the pipeline industry, and most importantly as a combo machine equipped with a quick detach
boom to allow conversion from a forwarder to a harvester in about 10 minutes.

Authorized Dealers

Anderson Equipment Company
Bridgeville, PA
Black Hills Timber Equipment LLC
Whitewood, SD
C J Logging Equipment Inc
Boonville, NY
Woodland Equipment Inc.
Iron River, MI