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Developed over twenty years ago, this machine has slowly evolved into a total state of the art, rugged, and innovative design. We listened to our customers tell us what they didn't like about the machinery then available and moved forward from there.
Accuracy, dependability, service ability, long term wear, ease and speed of operation. This was a tall order for a small company just making a name for it's self in the wood products industry. We tackled each of these by first and foremost, listening to our customers. What evolved is now undeniably the best double end trimmer on the market today. By combining the best of the electronic world with the superb hydraulic engineering that we are famous for we have built a marvelous, rugged, dependable, machine that is easy to maintain, service and operate.
This list of features will not be found on any other machine, at any price. Did I mention that ours in the most competitively priced? Check it out for yourself as we encourage our customers