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Introducing the VRM Super Hi Inertia Vertical Wood Hog, from Rawlings Manufacturing Inc. No cookie cutter machine can meet everyone’s space constraints or challenges. We have had several customers over the years that wanted a Rawlings solid rotary hog but did not have the overhead clearance in their existing footprint to allow for a clam shell opening type of machine. The VRM hog opens hydraulically from the rear of the machine allowing full access to the hog’s internal wear components and rotor for ease of maintenance. All Rawlings Hogs are equipped with our Patented Super Hi-Inertia Rotor that powers through feed surges with ease while still running at lower RPMs than all other machines on the market. This saves our customers both maintenance and electricity costs.
With over 40 years of experience in the forest and sawmill related industries, Rawlings delivers custom wood grinding equipment with a reputation for durability, performance and reliability. Since 1976 Rawlings Manufacturing Inc. has been manufacturing and installing custom wood grinding systems. Rawlings offers a complete line up of wood grinders in a full range of sizes and models. Each customers operation is unique with its own challenges. Our team designs each system specific to the customers operation and specification. Add a wide variety of available options such as work platform decks, choice of belt, chain, vibrating in-feed and out-feed conveyors, metal, or magnet protection, product screening and separation, and you’ve got the flexibility to customize the perfect wood grinding system.