Pendu Mfg 4700 High Speed Stacker



Pendu Mfg., Inc.

718 N Shirk Rd
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Need an efficient way to stack your finished pallet boards or other material? The Pendu model 4700 stacker is designed for stacking in high volume applications of up to 25 layers per minute. The 4700 will efficiently stack material from 3/8" to 2" in thickness, 2" to 6" in width and 24" to 72" in length. Features of the stacker include an in-feed pit with adjustable riser bars, driven accumulation and stacking chains adjustable for material length, two automatic programmable stick magazines, adjustable stack width with air cylinders for material escapement, scissors lift and stack take away for material removal. The 4700 will increase your volume capacity while reducing handling and labor cost.

The 4700 high speed stacker is ideal for stacking pallet boards, deck boards, and stringers as well as well as material for many other applications.