Meadows Mills Number 2 Material Handling Fan



Meadows Mills, Inc.

1352 West D St
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Meadows industrial materials-handling fans feature open-type radial-blade fan wheels and are well suited for installations involving exhaust, material conveying, pollution control, air circulation, and a variety of other industrial applications. Each fan wheel is statically and dynamically balanced on electronic equipment prior to being assembled in the fan. In addition, each materials-handling fan is tested at or near operating speed after assembly and the balance is fine-tuned as a complete assembly. The open-type radial-blade fan wheel design is extremely rugged using heavy gauge steel/cast steel components which are jig assembled for accuracy and consistency. All fan wheels are assembled using cast steel spiders and precision laser-cut armor plate paddles. All fan wheels are welded with care to insure the maximum in strength and reliability. Meadows materials-handling fans are available in six sizes, with fan wheel diameters from 9" to 29". Meadows materials-handling fans ma