Meadows Mills Meadows Mobile Sawmill



Meadows Mills, Inc.

1352 West D St
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The Meadows Mobile Sawmill has provided profitable service for sawyers throughout the world. The mobility of this sawmill allows for economical harvesting of even small stands. The Meadows Mobile Sawmill is available in handset and hydraulic configurations. The Meadows Mobile sawmill has a welded steel frame constructed from 8" channel, 6" channel, 6" x 4" tube, and 3" x 4" tube. The Meadows Mobile sawmill comes in two sizes, the first has a 42' track frame with a 12 1/2' carriage frame and the second has a 48' track frame with a 15' carriage frame. The operating width of the Meadows mobile mill is 7' 11". The towing dimensions of the Meadows Mobile sawmill are 37' 6" (length) x 7' 11" (width) with 10 1/2" of ground clearance. The carriage axles are available in two configuration, the first configuration is a 1 7/16" diameter axle with 6 1/2" diameter wheels pressed onto the axle. The axle is attached to the carriage frame by two 1 7/16" pillow block bearings (axle and wheel spi