Kaufman Trailers 42 ft Plantation



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Similar to our standard log trailer, the Kaufman Trailers Plantation Log Trailer comes standard with a heavy duty, underslung, 4-spring Hutchens H-9700 suspension. Watson single point or Ridewell air ride suspensions are available for a nominal upcharge. The main frame is constructed with two 21” deep, high tensile, fully fabricated main beams and full depth cross-members at each bolster, as well as a fully fabricated, high tensile gooseneck. The most popular feature of this trailer is the 24” drop behind the gooseneck. There is not a trailer in the industry that will provide this much space for loading plantation thinnings behind the gooseneck. You will also be happy with the “dummy” bolster on the top of the gooseneck for hauling your double bunk or short log loads. Our plantation log trailer is the most versatile forestry trailer in our log trailer lineup.