Kaufman Trailers 35 Ton Detachable Spring Ride



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Our Hydraulic Detachable Gooseneck Trailers are also commonly referred to as “Lowboy Trailers”. Kaufman Trailers lineup includes a long list of standard features that are sure to keep us higher than the industry in every category except price. With available capacities ranging from 35 to 55 tons as well as the highest quality components and workmanship you can’t go wrong investing in one of our lowboy trailers.

Kaufman’s hydraulic powered, self-lifting, self-aligning detachable gooseneck slides easily into the V-Shaped alignment trough. This guarantees the easiest hook-up in the industry. Our hydraulic controlled truck rest provides unsurpassed convenience by eliminating the need to manually block the neck during the detachment process. The custom built U.S. made heavy duty hydraulic cylinders provide the perfect combination of power and convenience. With our increased cylinder stroke you will be able to raise the trailer chassis as high as 24” – 36” off the ground depending on the truck fifth wheel height. Our easily adjustable heavy duty hinged compression block assembly provides approximately six inches of ride height adjustment depending on the length of the gooseneck. With multiple gooseneck lengths available in 6” increments, we are able to help you’re find the perfect length neck to fit your needs.

Our lowboy trailers chassis and gooseneck are constructed with a combination of high tensile Grade 100 (T1) steel and high tensile Grade 80 steel. Look at any lowboy trailers that have been on the road for long and you will quickly realize that the cross-members take a beating. For this reason we have elected to use high tensile Grade 80 cross-members as opposed to the industry standard of mild Grade 36 or 50. The high tensile cross-members provide you with long lasting rugged durability in a high abuse area. This reliability is something that Kaufman customers have come to expect.

Included in the list of standard features are a lockable toolbox, 14” drop