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Up to 100% faster than other crosscut systems.1 The HOLTEC "V" series incorporates depth-programmable controls and is available as an optional cutting assembly on any HOLTEC stationary system.
The "V" series enters a unit of lumber at a canted angle for the smoothest possible entry, then swivels to a horizontal plane upon reaching your programmed depth. This allows you to leave bottom layers of lumber uncut for easier handling of short packages.

1HOLTEC systems excluded.
2Stroke speed may vary based on specie and dimension of lumber
3Proper maintenance procedures are essential for accuracy and longevity, and accuracy results are based on HOLTEC installed systems using Scratcher® chain technology.

All specifications are subject to change without notice. HOLTEC cannot be held responsible for errors in typography or photography. Photographs may show systems with optional accessories. On-site service may not be available in certain remote locations. HOLTEC, TRANSCUT, SELECUT, AUTO