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Waste Conveyor
Frontline model FWC-3 waste conveyors are designed to give long service with little maintenance. Our 3/16” steel construction is heavier than industry standard. Direct mount motor and reducer design has no belts or guards because of enclosed design. Our drive and idler sprockets are steel and the idler sprockets have brass bushings and grease zerks.
Our 5/8” chain is 80 proof coil for long life. These units are designed for under debarkers, hammermills, grinders, sawmills or anywhere that clearance and volume of material is a concern.
3/16” Flat Steel Plates formed with 6” High Sides and 1” Lip for Added Strength
Steel Center Divider and Tail Pulley Take-up Assembly
5/8” Proof Coil Chain with Steel Flights Welded to Chain (to sweep the material away to discharge into a truck or pile)
Debarker Unit has 30’ Flat and 25’ Incline Section
30&#186; Maximum Incline Provides a 13’ Clearance at the Discharge End
5 HP, 3-Phase Motor with a Dalton Slip Clutch Assembly
Shaft Mounted Speed Reducer on 1 15/16” Shaft Steel
Sprocket attached to Drive Shaft to move the chain
Incline Section Comes with the Drive Mounted and the Idler Hold-down Rollers Mounted
NOT INCLUDED: Wiring, Disconnects, Starter and Push Buttons
Additional Length
Higher Sides
Up to 2 3/16” Dia Drive Shaft