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The DYNA SC-12 (or SC-12XP) Firewood Processor is built to cut a 12in diameter (15in Max) log up to 10ft in length. With a 13HP Honda Gas Engine (pull-start) or 20HP Honda Gas Engine (electric start) and an optional High-Flow Hydraulic Pump. Perfectly suited for the farm or a family heating their home with firewood, all the way on up to the small commercial producer. The SC-12 (or SC-12XP) is a ruggedly built machine made to last a lifetime.

Check out our YouTube Video: youtu.be/wskhd4I8Ets

2-way and 4-way Wedge STD, 6-way Wedge OPT
Log Loader STD: Load Logs without a skid loader!
10/13 Second Splitter Cycle
.404 Harvester Saw Chain with an 18in Harvester Bar
Hydraulic Log Clamp Optional Upgrade
10ft Integrated Belt Conveyors Optionally Available

All Pricing Factory Direct - FOB Evart, MI (Factory Shipping Available)

Call/Text Derrick or Brooke at 218-260-4950