Cooper Machine MIT S.A. Vertical Band 1500 Model



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MIT Vertical Resaw Model 1500 has a 59 inch diameter fabricated steel wheels for 8 or 10” bands. Designed and fabricated with a solid center to generate maximum airflow efficiency while still allowing optimum design strength. Flat ground face (unless otherwise specified). Wheels are stress relieved and balanced to insure smooth and vibration free operation. All bearings are first line; flywheel bearings are double taper-lock roller type. The air strain system has air bags for long lasting service and virtually no maintenance except for draining. Line bar comes extra-long and extra high. The resaw also has double parallel hydraulic arms and a variable speed hydraulic feed from 0 to 230fpm. It is driven by 100hp motors 50 or 60htz. It also comes with a Mudata programmable measuring system and a live roller infeed table (7” in diameter). A hydraulic tank and power system comes complete with 7.5hp electric motor for quick change of saws. It comes on a frame of reinforced steel.