Cooper Machine MIT S.A. Horizontal Bands 1400 Model Single



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MIT has four models of Horizontal Band Resaws. The largest is the 1400 model. It comes as a single head, a double head in tandem (back to back) or as an over/under band. It has 4’7” (1400mm) diameter fabricated solid steel wheels for 8” bands. Designed and fabricated with a solid center to generate maximum airflow efficiency while still allowing optimum design strength. Wheels are stress relieved and balanced to ensure smooth and vibration free operation. All bearings are first line quality. Air strain system is supplied with heavy-duty air bag using hydraulic hose for long lasting service and virtually no maintenance except for draining. Pneumatic system for flywheel movement to change blade. System allows adequate movement for extension and contraction for blade removal. Tracking and final adjustment are easily made. 100hp electrical motor on the head either 50 or 60 htz. Frame configurations have been engineered and designed from structural steel tubing and steel plate.