Built-Rite 100 SCP



Built-Rite Mfg. Corp.

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The 100 feeds each log onto the trough with a 10’ three strand live deck with log stops. The hourglass feed roll system brings your knotty logs forward with ease before they are cut with the heavy duty 2 gauge blade. To eliminate rocking after each cut, the blade moves up and down on a maintenance free guide wheel system. Blocks can be repositioned with the block turner before you split them 2, 4, 6, or 10 ways with the triple multi-wedge. All controlled by user friendly joystick controls in the comfort of a heated cab.

When you combine all the features of the 100 SCP: Triple Multi-Wedge, Powered Feed Rollers, 52" Vertical Circular Saw, Block Turner, 4 Second cycle time, 100 HP Kubota Diesel, Heavy-Duty Live Deck with Log Stops, Joystick Controls, Heated Cab
It is possibly the best firewood processor ever built.